Brainshark Updates Sales, E-Learning Solutions for Mobile, Faster Content Access

Brainshark, whose name implies killer intelligence, has updated its Rapid Learning solution and its recently announced Sales Enablement Portal. 

The updates include a smartphone-optimized interface for the Sales Portal, so that mobile sales reps can more easily find, view and share content, and, for the learning application, a redesigned interface that improves search capabilities and content access.

iPhone and Android

The Sales Enablement Portal, announced in April, had been designed for use by desktops and tablets. Enhancements for iPhone and Android smartphone users now include landing page shortcuts to access featured presentations, one’s own content or favorite content, as well as the ability to search for content via text queries.

Smartphone users can also now navigate to any point in a video presentation, and answer questions that have been embedded in surveys, polls or tests. Attachments connected with presentations can now be viewed and opened by smartphone users, and shared via email through “click to share.”

The redesigned interface in the Rapid Learning solution offers the ability to conduct wider searches, see more detailed content landing pages, utilize a tabbed view to switch between current and prior courses, quickly jump to a transcript and save preferences for viewing sort results.

Brainshark Rapid Learning_Current Enrollments List View

Brainshark Rapid Learning Current Enrollments List View

Creating, Organizing Content

Brainshark Sales Enablement Portal_Smartphone Optimized

The Sales Enablement Portal is designed to help companies better organize content into a searchable repository, with permission-based access, featured content, personal favorites and content sharing. It is part of the company’s Sales Enablement Suite, a productivity offering that provides tools to salespeople for content organization, training, creation of video-based content, analytics and delivery of mobile presentations.

Brainshark’s products, including its Connector for, are designed to prepare sales rep with “just-in-time” training, rapidly-produced media-based presentations and analytics for understanding buyer behavior. The company has said that research shows 40 percent of a sales representative’s time is occupied by creating or managing marketing materials for presentation to potential clients, and its purpose in life is to make sales reps’ lives more efficient and productive by helping to streamline that process.