As the focus shifts to digital sales on Cyber Monday, you may be wondering: What products scored wins on Black Friday?

Retailers are already seeing how shopping on mobiles and tablets is changing our buying behavior. Whatever your perspective, the results make for interesting reading as stores plan for future sales to drain us of yet more cash.

Consoles Trading Blow for Blow

The two hottest gadgets out there: Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 game consoles. Analysts at InfoScout put the new Xbox's share at 31 percent compared to the PS4's 15 percent, giving the Xbox One a win in the continental United States.

However, limited stock from Sony may have been a factor as the PS4 launched in Europe. More than 250,000 units were sold in the United Kingdom, compared to 150,000 Xbox consoles on its launch weekend. With both having sold more than a million on their US launches and high demand likely in the run up to the holidays, you may need to look carefully and consistently to fulfill a gift request.

For Cyber Monday (no matter how much we hate the name), Microsoft is offering a reduction on its top Xbox bundles, with $50 off its $750 Complete Bundle and $70 off its $800 Ultimate Bundle with three games and a 12 month Xbox Gold pass.

Tablets Taking Over

While the launch sales for the consoles might be at record highs, tablet sales have definitely damaged the market and will continue to do so. Apple's iPad took the top three spots on InfoScout's list of top-sellers. To keep the pressure on Apple, which limited offers to Black Friday, Amazon is hacking the prices of its HD and HDX tablets for Cyber Monday. 

Buyers can pick up a Kindle Fire HD 16 GB for $119, down from its usual $169 and a Kindle Fire HDX 7" for $179 , normally $229. These deals are while supplies last, so you may need to get a move on. Apple has yet to publish any sales figures for its iPad Air and the new iPad mini with Retina, but Amazon isn't quite so reserved and had this fun little bash at Apple with a new Kindle advertisement.

Mobile Wins as the Best Shopping Basket

While much of the focus was on new tablets over the weekend, plenty of existing users were using them to go shopping for new devices, other gadgets and presents. Adobe's back-end was out tracking the digital sales and what devices they came from. It inspected 400 million visits to over 2,000 online stores, with the iPad turning out to be the most popular device for shopping.

According to its results, iOS-based devices were responsible for more than $543 million dollars in online sales with iPad taking a 77 percent share ($417 million, leaving iPhones with $126 million). Android-based devices were responsible for only $148 million in online sales, a rather feeble 4.9 percent share.

Doing similar research, IBM calculated online sales rose 19 percent for the holiday, with mobile traffic making up 39.7 percent of all traffic on Black Friday.

If these trends continue, it looks like online shopping will continue to grow, and, perhaps, one day, sales staff can get the day off too and leave it to Amazon's drone deliveries to deliver all the goods.