Bizo's Social Retargeting Helps Marketers Close the Social Media GapIf you’re a social media marketer you know about the gap -- the massive space between engagement and conversions. Thanks to some new features in its self-service marketing platform, Bizo aims to help marketers close the social ROI gap.

Close the Gap By Re-targeting

Whether it’s measuring top-performing tweets or driving more leads from social content, small and mid-sized (SMB) marketers can now use Bizo to manage their B2B social marketing and display ad re-targeting campaigns in a single platform.

Built on the success of the existing audience analytics and website re-targeting modules, Bizo’s social re-targeting offers an opportunity to re-target display ads to prospects who have clicked on content links shared through social channels as well as those who have visited their website but didn’t convert the first time.

Bizo’s Marketing Platform also provides users with additional tools designed to help SMB marketers engage their audiences more consistently. New features include in-depth social audience analytics, which lets users identify the businesses audiences that are converting on the links shared through social media channels;share content branding, designed to keep a company’s brand present through a branded banner ad when sharing third-party content via social channels and; conversion action tracking, which tracks conversions by social channel.

Social Re-targeting

Website Re-targeting

Driving Sales Through Social Media Engagement

Overall, these features are bound to give marketers more resources to increase conversions from social media. However, it's worth noting that social media is not inherently designed to be a platform where consumers buy, but rather where they engage with a company about its products. Although you can do both, consumers are more likely to buy if they feel as if they are being engaged rather than actively converted to complete a sale. If you're successful at building relationships while employing re-targeting campaigns, closing the social media ROI gap will be significantly easier.