Bizo_logo.png Yesterday, Katie Ingram wrote that by utilizing both marketing automation and digital marketing, companies can begin to grow alongside the consumer so that they can go where the customer goes. Today, Bizo introduces a new Data Solutions platform designed to let B2B companies better understand and engage with target audiences across their entire marketing funnel. We love it when the fates align.

The Marketing Wheel Keeps on Turning

Now I know what you’re thinking. The marketing funnel is dead. Well actually, it isn’t that it’s dead, it’s just that it’s no longer a funnel. Rather, it’s a customer life cycle. And with the Bizo Data Solutions, a company can integrate it with its existing marketing technology stack so that marketers can use Bizo’s demographic data to tap into that customer life cycle.

Excuse the Funnel: Bizo collects business demographic or "bizographic" data on over 120 million business professionals and transforms it into targetable segments that marketers use to power their marketing campaigns.

Why is this necessary? Even though companies’ marketing programs have been evolving, the systems that enable them and capture huge quantities of audience data, are still relatively siloed. There’s no easy way for systems to share information with other platforms connected to other parts of the marketing effort.

Eliminate Silos, Optimize Your Marketing Investment

Launching today, Bizo Data Solutions currently supports a number of top marketing platforms and channels, including Adobe, Salesforce, Eloqua, BlueKai, Google Analytics, among others. For B2B marketers, advertising and digital marketing spend has increased steadily, but optimizing and evaluation that investment has not been easy. By integrating with Bizo Data Solutions, these marketers can work to eliminate information silos, while making better use of their data to nurture and convert new customers.

The solution aims to brings together a host of valuable information, from existing CRM, marketing automation, web analytics, content management, data management platforms and media channels -- all in an effort to help brands better execute and manage various marketing activities, such as,

  • Identification of specific audiences visiting their websites, landing pages and social channels;
  • Engagement of website audiences with personalized content, messages and offers;
  • Segmentation and nurturing of known prospect audiences with targeted display and social ads;
  • Precision business demographic targeting of 85 percent of the US business professional population to power online social, display and video campaigns;
  • Performance of rich program attribution with audience engagement metrics across channels.

Bizo Data Solution is more than just a cool idea, it's based upon best practices. Two weeks ago, Forrester's Wave for WCM focused less on web content and more on customer experience, highlighting the need for more integration across platforms and channels. Bizo's Data Solutions capitalizes on this by giving companies a way to optimize their sophisticated marketing platforms so marketers can now reach and nurture their target audiences with precision at every stage of the marketing life cycle.