Bizo, ComScore Reveal Index to Showcase Consumer AnalyticsRecently we talked about Nielsen’s new Online Campaign Ratings, slated to launch next week. Having secured exclusive access to Facebook’s user data, Nielsen’s news was bound to fire up the competition. As if on cue, Bizo and comScore have teamed to launch an index that aims to provide “unprecedented insight” into business audiences.

The partnership comes on the heels of an experiment that indexed Bizo’s audience against comScore’s database, which measures online consumer behavior in the U.S., and showed that key business audiences are likely to participate in key consumer behaviors, such as shopping and searching for information. Why not use this insight to help B2C marketers, who -- unlike their B2B counterparts -- have struggled to integrate business demographic targeting into their campaigns?

How Does It Work?

The collaboration marries Bizo’s unique business demographic data with comScore’s insights in the online behavior of consumers. Such nuptials allow Bizo to reveal its audience segments as particularly desirable and effective consumer purchasing segments.

For example, a telecommunications marketer can now target ads at Bizo’s “Small Business Professional” audience, which has demonstrated that it is 161% more likely to purchase mobile phones and plans online than the average U.S. Internet user.

Knowing the behaviors of a certain group beforehand makes targeting them a no-brainer. Bizo and comScore are leveraging their databases to reveal insights that highlight established consumer behaviors and established segments of coveted business audiences. Here are a few that may entice you:

  • Bizo’s Tech Professional audience is 580% more likely to buy computer hardware online
  • Bizo’s Operations audience is 468% more likely to buy consumer electronics online
  • Bizo’s Marketing audience is 112% more likely to visit airline sites
  • Bizo’s Business Services audience is 147% more likely to visit car rental sites
  • Bizo’s Finance audience is 149% more likely to visit online travel agents
  • Bizo’s Executive audience is 132% more likely to visit online trading sites
  • Bizo’s Micro audience is 232% more likely to buy shipping services online
  • Bizo’s Government Elected Officials audience is 304% more likely to visit job search sites
  • Bizo’s Business Professionals audience is 167% more likely to buy mobile phones and plans online

New Ways to Capture Coveted Information

In the world of online advertising, information about consumer behaviors and demographics is coveted. By being able to tap into a critical reserve of information managed by prominent market intelligence gathers, marketers now have access to a tool to help them make more targeted decisions, which could result in more revenue.

Yet as consumer behaviors become more sophisticated and evolved, we need to be careful that we don’t put all our eggs in a basket that relies on demography, website categorization and types of purchases alone. There is a world outside the web and there is no singular way that consumers engage with products. People who watch TV or see movies also shop online or browse the mobile web, just as there are some who play video games after reading online. There are so many channels by which consumers can act, react and get influenced that it’s absurd that one database can demonstrate their next behavior. But it’s a start.