Keeping track of important Facebook updates can be a tedious process, especially if a person has a lot of contacts, but Bing aims to make this easier by integrating Facebook into its social sidebar tool.

Facebook is a Maze

Bing has found that the average Facebook user has over 400 friends, which in itself is a lot of contacts to keep track of. As a result a user may miss important or relevant updates due to the amount of information that is constantly shared and posted. With the social sidebar now having Facebook capabilities, users can easily monitor updates or interact with friends across the social network.

By bringing together Bing and Facebook, you have an easy way to complement your search with helpful, interesting or insightful content your friends have shared,” Nektarios Ioannides, program manager at Bing, wrote in a blog post.

Ioannides added that since introducing social sidebar, which shows which of a user’s social media contacts may have information or can speak to the topic that was reached, the company has been looking at adding to what the tool can do.


With this new Facebook capability users will be able to engage with friends without having to leave their search page. They can not only see Facebook posts that relate to to what was searched, but make their own comments, like what has been shared or post their own updates -- directly from Bing.

This will not only help users keep track of important social updates and friend activity, but also improve their search results and inquiries.

Bing is Moving up in the World ... or is it?

When it comes to the preferred search engine, Google reigns supreme, when compared with Bing and Yahoo. Despite Google being more popular, Bing has been slowly adding to its search offerings. In addition to its Facebook feature, the Microsoft owned service has also announced it will be adding Klout to the service to improve search results.

Whether these or future enhancements have any impact on how popular Bing is remains to be seen.

Even if Bing doesn't sway users to choose it over Google, the Facebook feature for the sidebar does improve Facebook Graph Search’s capabilities – according to Zach Miners of Tech World.

In January Facebook announced the beta launch of Graph Search, a social search tool designed to let users discover a wider range of information across the social network,” he writes. “When there are holes in the Graph Search results, information from Bing will be weaved in.”

To get the updated social sidebar, users merely have to go to Bing’s official website and then connect their Facebook account to the search engine.