Even in the relatively straightforward world of iOS, things do go wrong, especially when upgrading iOS versions. So it comes as little surprise that Apple is pushing its frontline AppleCare support to be ready for the millions of new iPhone 5S users and updated OS launch. 


Apple Cares A Lot

We've already seen AT&T getting all its staff in stores for a new release in just a couple of weeks, and now Apple has followed suit with a crush on holidays during the period 15-28 September. That period is likely to include some training on new features and issues likely to arise for iOS 7 and Mac OS X Mavericks. 

It could also indicate that iOS 7 will launch slightly before the new phones hit the stores, although I was expecting Apple to maintain some exclusivity by offering the phones first, then the OS upgrade to those on older devices. 

With the September 10 unveiling looking increasingly set in stone, Apple however has to worry about Samsung stealing its thunder with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, likely to be announced a week before and a host of rival tablets to challenge any new iPad update or an iPad mini 2. Will a champagne gold iPhone 5S model be enough to regain any lost initiative, we're skeptical. 

Looking Across the System

iOS 7 has a host of new features, with the biggest change being a redesign of the aging interface and major revisions to the existing main apps. That alone shouldn't cause too much user consternation, but with millions of devices likes to sell in the first few days, traditional mobile issues, registrations server jams and other problems could leave many in need of help. 

Whenever an iOS version does come out, download servers generally crash to a halt, creating a fair amount of hostile social media coverage. Even with all Apple's money, we're not sure it can create a bulletproof system to handle the load.

The other fun issue for Apple is the arrival of two new iPhone models at once. If a whole new level of less sophisticated users suddenly start running rampant with iPhone 5C devices, support could have a deluge of confused users on their hands. Even with all Apple's resources, expect a modicum of chaos as the ecosystem creaks under groans of new users.