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Summer's nearly here, and the news is sprouting up.

This week: unveils a browser-version of its to-do list app, 3CLogic and Lime Light CRM partner for a more complete view of customer interactions, and GM Voices helps SpeechStorm localize itself.

Also: Extensis updates its mobile DAM app, Trustwave is out with its newest Global Security Report, Planisware has launched version six of its product/portfolio management software and Pontis' new data profiles can help personalize data plans. for Web

Mobile task list has now released a free browser-based Web application, which syncs across devices. The Web version includes modes for users to see tasks in one column or across all folders at once.

any do web.jpg's Web application and mobile apps

3CLogic + Lime Light CRM

3CLogic, a provider of cloud-based contact centers, has integrated its solution with Lime Light CRM,which also offers continuity-based processing and campaign management..

The companies said the new partnership adds a complete suite of call center features for Lime Light's CRM platform, providing a complete view of customer interactions through such channels as voice, chat, email or social media.

3CLogiclime light CRM.jpg

A screen showing the integrated Lime Light CRM with 3CLogic

SpeechStorm + GM Voices

Speaking of partnerships, SpeechStorm, a provider of interactive voice response, speech-based self-service and mobile apps, is partnering with GM Voices, which offers professionally-recorded voice prompts for automated technologies and translation/localization services. GM Voices will help SpeechStorm translate and localize its user interface, and to record "locally-authentic" recordings for its interactive voice response solutions.

DAM Provider Extensis Updates Mobile App

Thumbnail image for Extensis jpg.png

Digital asset management provider Extensis has updated its mobile app, Portfolio Flow 1.5, used with Portfolio Server 11. New features include a streamline user interface, audio support for capturing and uploading recordings, notification to admins when new assets are uploaded, a visual upload history and an Wi-Fi-only upload option. The free app, introduced last December, is available for iOS devices.

Trustwave's Global Security Report

Trust and security are big deals these days for companies, and security firm Trustwave's annual Global Security Report adds some recent stats to the picture.

Last year, for instance, there was a 53.6 percent increase in security breach investigations in two dozen countries, compared to 2013. Forty-five percent of data thefts were for confidential information not related to payment, such as financial credentials, internal communications, personally identifiable information and an assortment of consumer records.

And, in the Department of Not Being Surprised, weak passwords "opened the door for initial intrusion" for 31 percent of security breaches investigated by Trustwave last year.

Planisware PM, V. 6

Planisware's flagship product offers project and product portfolio management for enterprises, with support for such project types as IT project management, new product development, engineering, maintenance and production.

The company recently released version 6 of Planisware, which it said reduces implementation time, helps increase user adoption of this tool, and provides more control for management. Enhancements include a new "minimalist" user interface, a new meeting management feature, a more streamlined resource management, more control for the user community, and technical improvements that the company said boost performance and increase the number of users.

Planisware Meeting Management.png

A meeting management screen in Planisware

Pontis' Data Profiles

Contextual marketing solution provider Pontis has unveiled a new analytical product that it says can boost the adoption of mobile data services.

The solution builds a data profile of each customer that can support the offering of customer-specific data or content price plans, and other personalized actions. CEO Udi Ziv said in a statement that simplified fixed data price plans "fail to maximize revenue potential and properly address the customers' dynamic digital lifestyles."

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