Nothing says summer like July, so we've collected a group of open source CMS updates as long as those warm summer evenings.

We try to include as many updates as we can in this segment, but if we do miss something or overlook an update, please feel free to let us know in the comments, or at [email protected]


Two new executives have joined the Alfresco management team in the company's new San Jose offices. Paul St. John and Paul Warenski both have extensive histories in the the IT world, and they were reportedly brought on board due to Alfresco'd growing international business.

Alfresco also announced a partnership with Acquia that could afford both companies more access to larger customer bases, and allow customers to get more out of their dealings with either company. By teaming up, Alfresco and Acquia can take advantage of the complimentary nature of their relationship, and sell customers on a more complete CXM package.


As Acquia is one of the largest vendors in the open source CMS world, there are constantly Drupal Days, Drupal meetups and Drupal site building days throughout every month, and July is no different. Acquia has also partnered up with Alfresco, as mentioned above, and while the relationship is now formalized, the two have had a working relationship for years.

eZ Systems

eZ Publish Releases Version 5.1

eZ Systems released version 5.1 of its eZ Publish platform in June, and it's all part of the company's six month release cycle. The next update will roll out in November, so for now, eZ Publish customers can look forward to an updated Web framework courtesy of Symfony2.


Hippo is holding a meet up at its office in Amsterdam July 10, and the event is themed around mobile. Space is limited to 25 people, however, so it is requested people register ahead of the event. Additionally, there is a Hippo webinar on July 11 on combining CXM with DAM. 


Joomla! user group meetups are happening all throughout July, including in Tokyo, Hamburg, London and Cologne. There is also Joomla! Days events scheduled for Sao Paulo and Cotonou, Benin (Africa), both on July 5.


Liferay has several trainings and webinars scheduled for July, but it's also taking part in this year's Open Source Conference, OSCON, in Portland, Oregon July 22 to 24. Right before setting up its booth at that event, however, the company will also be heading over to the Community Leadership Summit on July 20 and July 21, also in Portland. This is a less formal event, and is publicized as an unconference, with a more open arrangement of speakers and sessions. 

Anyone heading to OSCON would do well to make a week of it and hit up the Summit as well.


Magnolia 5 Released: Can Touch Separate Magnolia from the CMS Masses?

To help roll out the years in the making Magnolia 5, the company is holding a webinar July 11 to give people an up close and personal look at the fledgling system. Magnolia 5 debuted in June, and it's a complete redesign of the system's user interface. It's built with mobile devices in mind, and the design is meant to allow touch based devices to do anything in the system that could be done on a laptop.


Nuxeo is holding two webinars this month, July 10 and 11, and has announced the latest version of the Nuxeo Platform. The July 10 webinar is on document management, and the July 11 one is on integrating Nuxeo Platform and Hippo CMS

Nuxeo Platform 5.7.1 is a fast tracked version, and it features the ability to share saved searches along with full macro support for Nuxeo Drive. Nuxeo is calling this a fast track release because it is now updating the system once per year with a so called Long Term Support Update that is good for three years. The Fast track updates are minor updates that will allow the company to make more updates without forcing customers to upgrade too quickly.


Friends and fans of the Modx CMS will have a chance to mix it up with a few like minded folks at a July 18 Meetup in Nashville, Tennessee. 


Plone 5 is in the works, and to tide people over until the release, there is a Bastille Day Plone Sprint July 13 to 17 near Indianapolis, Indiana. The focus is on the, a big part of the upcoming release, and also on Plone marketing in general. 


There is a SilverStripe Meetup scheduled July 17, in Wellington, New Zealand. This is the largest SilverStripe Meetup group in the world, with close to 200 members, so this is certainly the place to be in New Zealand in July.


Squiz is holding an event called The Future of Finance is Digital July 24 in London, and it's a half day event discussing the rapid changes afoot in the IT world. There a just a couple of talks scheduled around a Squiz roadmap demo, and a guest speaker from the Legal & General investment firm.  

Typo 3

July means Typo 3 developer days in Hamburg, Germany, and the four day conference marks the eighth year for the annual event. T3DD13 will include a coding night, and many workshops and tutorials on things like ReST documentation, oAuth, elastic search and security pitfalls and best practices.


WordPress sites came under a heavy botnet attack back in April, and the massive hacking attempt exposed critical flaws in the WordPress system. WordPress has now devised a security update (link) it recommends all WordPress sites install, and the 3.5.2 version includes 12 bug fixes. It blocks server-side request forgery attacks and disallows contributors from improperly publishing posts or the post's authorship. Other fixes include:

  • Prevention of denial of service attacks
  • Multiple fixes for cross-site scripting
  • Avoid disclosing a full file path when an upload fails


The Xoops community maintains a core team that helps oversee the overall management and direction of the Xoops project, and in June, several new members were chosen to the Xoops Council. In all, five new members were added to the International Support, Modules, Documentation, Support and Design teams.