Aggregate Knowledge has updated their Media Intelligence Platform, a tool that aims to improve digital marketing strategies and social media presence in businesses.

With the explosion of social media in the past few years and the ever important role that digital marketing seems to be having, businesses are trying to become more social. Even though they are spending time and money on these campaigns, many companies continue to run into problems.

Founded in 2006, Aggregate Knowledge provides its clients with a data management solution through the previously mentioned Next Generation Media Intelligence Platform (MIP). Over the past six years, it has combined its product with DSP, SSP, Ad Server, Ad Network and Pre-integrated data re-seller partners to improve the overall marketing experience. Some of the companies that have integrated with Aggregate Knowledge include: AppNexus, Invite Media and Bizo.

The Aggregate Knowledge Update

By updating MIP, clients will not only be able to use marketing budget more wisely, by lowering marketing costs and increasing sales, but improve their overall social performance. According to Aggregate Knowledge even the most skilled marketers, sometimes don't know what social platforms their customers are using and what types of products they're looking for.

Data, such as paid advertisement clicks and website visits is compiled through the MIP. Unlike other platforms, information isn't presented as is, but combined into relevant data called Siloed Investments, so that businesses can see what customers are looking for and what social media sites they are using. As a result, company revenue improves, marketing is more cost effective, and campaigns can be targeted a specific audience on a specific platform.

For example, if a client was having trouble getting repeat visitors to their page, Aggregate Knowledge says that they could, through tools provided in the MIP, find data to improve their campaign effectiveness by 30 percent, thus garnering more repeat customers and more traffic for that business.

Inside MIP

Some key components of the platform include:

  • Access to real-time analytics and KPI data.
  • Social performance is measured in a single-view platform.
  • Marketing campaigns are ranked, so companies can see which approaches worked and which ones didn't.
  • Social interaction data, such as clicks and gross cost, can be viewed in its entirety or in 30 or seven day intervals.
  • With the “what if” tool, a marketing team can preview cost data in a real-time capacity to see how it will help them meet their sales projections.
  • Access to first, second and third party data to see how interaction from different social sites overlap with each other.
  • Access to customer point tracking data.


We’re solving big industry issues and the results speak for themselves,” says Rob Gatto, Aggregate Knowledge president, “On average, our Fortune 500 customers reallocate 26 percent of their budget to eliminate media buys that drive zero sales, boost conversion rates by 321 percent, and experience a 220 percent ROI lift.”

The Aggregate Knowledge Guarantee

Along with this update, Aggregate Knowledge guarantees that a client's overall sales will improve by 10 per cent within a 60 day time period, if using their MIP. This offer is only available to a limited amount of users on a first come- first served basis.