Marketers face a new landscape where consumers are connected online all the time, through all available channels. Thus Adobe recommends they respond by adopting a “media mindset,” meaning shifting from one-way to collaborative, immersive, brand storytelling across all channels. 

“The mobile device marketing vector is compelling and growing,” Dave Dickson, Adobe Senior Product Marketing Manager, Digital Publishing, said during a phone briefing with CMSWire. “Eighty-five percent of consumers multitask while watching TV and 66% use three devices at once. Consumers are engaging in all brand channels all the time.”

The App Advantage

One key recommendation Dickson has for marketers seeking to effectively engage consumers in this shifting consumer landscape is to use apps. Adobe Digital Index data shows that growth of consumer usage of apps has increased from essentially nil in August 2012 to more than 50% in February 2013. In addition, smartphone app users will engage with a brand an average of 10 minutes a month and tablet app users will engage with a brand an average of 14 minutes a month, while desktop PC users will only engage with a brand an average of fewer than eight minutes a month.

Adobe Consumer App

Furthermore, Adobe data shows that shoppers strengthen brand affinity using apps. For example, 67% of both tablet and smartphone shoppers say they only use shopping apps for their favorite stores, and 70% of tablet shoppers and 68% of smartphone shoppers says they typically download a shopping app after already being exposed to a brand. And more than one-third of both tablet and smartphone shoppers say using shopping apps strengthens their connections to a brand (38% of tablet shoppers and 42% of smartphone shoppers) and typically makes them more favorable to a brand (37% of shoppers using both devices).

Different Apps for Different Devices

Adobe Digital Index data also shows that different types of apps will work best for different types of mobile devices. Fifty-five percent of tablet shoppers purchase products via their device, compared to only 28% of smartphone shoppers. However, 50% of smartphone shoppers browse products and 47% compare prices.


According to Dickson, there are approximately 3,000 corporate publications that use Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and 75% of them use apps to engage consumers. One example is Sotheby’s International Realty, which uses private apps to allow its global affiliates and agents to showcase the marketing benefits of its services to potential listers. Content is updated in real time so agents can always demonstrate the most up-to-date information, and Sotheby’s estimates it saves US$ 1 million a year in printing costs by instead using an iPad app for this marketing purpose.

“Apps can provide context through geolocation and help drive higher levels of engagement,” concluded Dickson. “They offer immediacy -- you can push out updated content all the time wherever the consumer is.”