Additions and Upgrades and Acquisitions Oh My

The latest in marketing, security and web interfaces from Oz, the Bay State and the City by the Bay.

A Little Sugar and CRM With That?

Squiz, with the acquisition of InsightfulCRM, claims it is now the largest SugarCRM Platinum Partner on the planet. John-Paul Syriatowicz, Squiz-co-founder and managing director, calls this “The Holy Grail of marketing.” Whether that’s Indiana Jones or Monty Python, it’s a pretty big move.

InsightfulCRM’s CEO Marc Englaro will become the director of the new “Customer Insights” division at Squiz’s head office in Sydney, Australia, bringing the rest of his staff with him to “simplify complexity and unlock potential in their marketing environments.”

No word on who’s supplying coffee and tea.

Quoth the Content Raven “GoogleMore”

A little bird (okay, Content Raven) said Google Drive is joining with fellow file share platforms Dropbox and Box to improve users’ file security and tracking features.

Content Raven promises “seamless integration” with its just-released free app (available through the Chrome Web Store) which will focus on security issues and allow users to “{add} watermarks to files and videos, limit file viewing, printing and forwarding, … {prevent} unauthorized access to data,” and more.

Maybe Poe would have kept better track of Lenore if he’d had this app?

Time for Walkies with WalkMe’s Upgrade

WalkMe’s “most significant update” since its launch two years ago was released this week, ready to simplify UX and cut down on user confusion, while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

The ambitious redesign lists a host of new features including segmentation, a search widget connecting to all the search biggies, onboarding and auto-play, among others.

(Canine users were a little disappointed – they misunderstood the “auto play” feature.)

Getting a Grip Project Management

Comindware wants to help you "streamline routine processes and make your business truly agile."

The Woburn, Mass-based company just enhanced its Tracker for business process management and workflow automation. The new options: per-field security control and parallel workflow.

Comindware claims Tracker helps companies "to seamlessly connect people, data and daily processes with a cloud-based Workflow Management Tool while streamlining routine business operations."

The new parallel workflow capability enables users to set up parallel process threads that are executed independently. "That way users get independent tasks while these threads use the same forms and fields information," said Max Tsypliaev, founder, president and CEO of Commindware.

The “per-field security” capability lets users set read/write rights to form fields and ensures more flexibility of data access rights settings.