This week in Google the Internet giant adopted yet another very Facebook-y feature, improved its contacts options and celebrated over 10 billion Android Market downloads with application discounts. 

Google+ Gets Facial Recognition

I know you're probably imagining the Google overlords being able to tell everything about you from one simple glance, but this add isn't nearly that exciting. The new feature is called ‘Find My Face’, and it's very similar to Facebook's facial recognition feature. 

Turn the feature on and the next time one of your friends uploads a photo that you’re in, they’ll see your name as a suggested tag. It's that simple. The one key difference between Google+'s version and Facebook’s is that the latter automatically opts users in. Google, on the other hand, is asking for explicit permission. 

Google+ users should expect to see a dialog pop up the next time they visit any photo on Google+, but you can also access the option on the settings page.

Google Adds Google+ Info to Gmail Contacts

Google contacts lists now automatically include Plus profile information. In addition to Google+ information about your contacts, any Circles you’ve set up will now be available inside the contacts manager.

This means that any Google Profile data your contacts have made public will now show up below any information you’ve added yourself. If it's too repetitive for you, you can combine the two sets of data by clicking the “more” link on a contact page and selecting the “[Show external data] inline” option.

Android Market Passes 10 Billion Downloads, Offers Discounted Apps

To celebrate the Android Market breaching the 10 billion app download mark, developers are offering 10-cent downloads for select premium applications on a limited time basis.

Android is growing fast. Not only is the application ecosystem growing at a rapid rate (now 1 million apps among iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7), but the rate of application downloads is also fast-rising. Eric Chu posts at the Android Developers Blog that Android market has surpassed 10 billion downloads, with a rate of about 1 billion apps downloaded per month.

Android Market Growth 10 billion.jpg