175B Reasons You Should Redesign Your Website

But there are 1.75 billion more.

That's the number of people who use smartphones or tablets, according to HP. And if your site isn't winning over customers on small screens, well, let's just say those people have a lot of choices.

Responding to Customers


Reasons like these drove RCI.com, a division of Wyndham Exchange & Rentals, to redesign its site for the first time in seven years, said Ed O'Connor, senior manager of global e-commerce and online marketing for the 4 million-member condo-swapping site.

He spoke yesterday in a CMSWire webinar with Kevin McMonagle, a VP at Klish Group, a technical services company, and Nali Giliana, VP for digital experience at HP. You can watch the session, sponsored by HP, by clicking here.

O'Connor said the company was getting negative feedback on its old site while his team struggled to keep it fresh.

"It simply was not up to date with the trends," he said. "It did not impart strong brand messages. And with the way we managed and posted content to the site, it was extremely limited in the ways we could adapt to our members' needs."

In an instant poll, 32 percent of the audience described their greatest challenge was delivering a consistent user experience across multiple devices. Providing personalized experiences was the biggest hurdle for another 14 percent, while 11 percent cited mobile-friendly design.

In a second poll, 28 percent noted they want to implement real time targeting and segmentation. Another 17 percent want to enhance the mobile experience and 10 percent long for a digital asset management (DAM) solution.

Crowds of Individuals

"The days of treating customers as segments and cohorts are ending," said Giliana. "Brands need to think in terms of individualized experiences ... that organize and prioritize functionality and content around individual customer trends and behaviors."

Three out of four consumers use two or more connected devices, and half use three or more, he said, adding:

Sixty-seven percent have switched devices when completing common tasks such as shopping online or getting directions. Of those who begin shopping online on smartphones, 84 percent continued doing so on a tablet and 95 percent on a PC."

2015-24-February-Fragmented Journeya.jpg

RCI.com used TeamSite to address its challenges, O'Connor said. The company leveraged content from its magazine, created tiered service levels and established 16 attributes that help to assure each visitor sees personalized content. The site supports 15 languages and 12,000 pages of content with a team of just eight content authors.

"All this is done without IT involvement," he said. "This is very different from what we had before the project -- almost the inverse."

McMonagle said the languages are still handled manually, but may soon switch to automation provided by a third-party. Portions of the pages were created in LiveSite while other parts were imported, he said.

Faster, More Profitable

"The speed factor alone has been a huge boon for us," said O'Connor. "We are also fortunate that we've also had a very healthy increase in the web channel share of our transaction revenue, which of course provided the foundation of our business case for the project."

The company is now very busy -- "backlogged, in fact," according to O'Connor -- as it plans its next moves. One of those is to enhance targeting by tying the site to a data warehouse, a move that will help guide members in their journeys.

"That's very important for us," he said. "Our site is very much a journey where our members come to our website and in different mindsets. They might be looking for where they want to travel with their families or they may be looking to book today."

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Wrapping up the webinar, Giliana cited five drivers for a redesign:

  1. Multichannel is Real: "Mobile is becoming the primary channel for engagement."
  2. Content in Context: "Content presented based on analysis is what will drive engagement."
  3. Marketing in Control: "Marketing decisions have to be data-driven decisions."
  4. Best of Breed: "Multiple solutions combined into one platform may not be your best friend."
  5. Cloud: "Cloud will offer best-in-class implementation and expertise on the vendor side to drive faster outcomes for your brand."


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