There's the Social Network. There's Jobs. While Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have been the focus of recent Hollywood films, there are a host of popular tech CEOs whose stories are just as compelling. Though they may not be headed to the silver screen anytime soon, that's no reason why we can't help cast them, should their bio pic get the green light. And no, Ben Affleck is not included. 

10 Tech CEOs & Their Celebrity Matches

We took ten well known tech CEOs and found their celluloid doppelgängers. We didn't limit ourselves to movie stars -- after all Ashton Kutcher was best known for his television work -- and based our selections on their full body of work, as well as their convincing good looks.

Larry Ellison, Oracle




Is it purely coincidental that John Hurt played the ruler of the dictatorship that holds Britain in an iron grip in V is for Vendetta and Larry Ellison has been called the 'overlord of the database'?

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo




Kristen Bell embodies the girlish charm and confidence of Marissa Mayer. But filming will have to wait until after the Veronica Mars movie is complete (priorities people). No word on whether or not Bell can impersonate Mayer's unmistakable laugh.

Marc Benioff, SalesForce



Like Marc Benioff, Chris Pratt may not be a household name, but chances are you know you've seen him or used his software before. Pratt has proven himself as both a lovable dimwit and a dedicated soldier -- much the same way Benioff has, especially if Oracle's in the room.

Meg Whitman, HP



The beauty of casting Jane Curtin as Meg Whitman is that just like the controversial CEO, we never can be sure if the skilled improv actress is being serious or just having fun.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon



Best known for his portrayal of a U.S. House rep in House of Cards, a show that revolutionized the viewing experience for Netflix, Corey Stoll knows a thing or two about being a Washington insider. Perhaps his experience will rub off on Bezos, who hopes to revolutionize the world of newspaper publishing with his recent purchase of the Washington Post.

Elon Musk, SpaceX



I'm not going to lie. I had a pretty good time browsing through photos of Ryan Gosling. While Ryan may be a little prettier than Elon, I have no trouble believing that like Musk, Gosling is also working on building a rocket ship --- straight to my heart.

Dick Costolo, Twitter



Stanley Tucci has played many convincing roles -- Julia Child's husband, a TV show host, and Dr. Abraham Erskine -- but his most challenging part yet may be playing the rather unassuming CEO of the world's most popular microblogging platform.

Kevin Systrom, Instagram



Joseph Gordon-Levitt has come along way from his days at 3rd Rock from the Sun, and much can be said about Mr. Systrom since his days at Google. Mr. Gordon-Levitt has also demonstrated his ability to play the coy sidekick with a thing or two up his sleeve. Also, it doesn't hurt that Levitt is an active Instagrammer.

Tim Cook, Apple


jeff goldblum.jpg

Tim Cook and Jeff Goldblum have a lot in common -- they're both well known for playing second fiddle to larger than life creatures. In Goldblum's case, it was an actual dinosaur.

Larry Page, Google

larry page.jpg


While significantly older than Mr. Page, we can't find anyone more aesthetically suited for the role better than Rowan Atkinson. Of course, though each are brilliant in their own way, we can only assume that Mr. Bean's calculator watch was the real inspiration for Google's wearable tech ventures.