Big Data Bits Its Free Be Happy Edition

We’re not covering the cloud, containers or the Hadoop wars this week. Instead we’re appealing to your sense of adventure and curiosity by pointing you to some things you might want to check out, in case you missed them. Now you can have fun without spending a dime!

A Taste of Azure Machine Learning

“Microsoft” and “Free” aren’t terms that most of us pair together, at least if we’re more than one year old anyways. But the cloud has somehow inspired the folks in Redmond, Wash. to not only invite us over, but to also encourage us to play with its toys.

Case in point? You can now check out Azure’s Machine Learning service without entering a credit card or promising to pay. Get it here.

“This free tier is one more way Azure Machine Learning is making advanced analytics more accessible to more people,” says T.K. Ranga Rengarajan, corporate vice president for the data platform via a blog post. “DBAs, developers, business intelligence professionals, and nascent data scientists can now experiment with Azure Machine Learning at no cost.”

MapR & MongoDB Get It On

Want a taste of either — or both?

MapR and MongoDB might seem more like oil and water than chocolate and peanut butter. But big data and Hadoop have transformational powers. How transformational?

Earlier this week MongoDB certified its connector for Hadoop with the MapR Distribution.

The big deal here for MapR users who want to use MongoDB or vice versa is that they can now seamlessly leverage an enterprise-grade Hadoop platform for moving operational data and analytical insights between MongoDB and the MapR Distribution. The certification is ideal for driving many Hadoop uses cases including customer analysis, churn prediction, fraud detection, user segmentation and recommendation engines.

In case you’re wondering who the water walker who put this together is, it’s Vijay Vijayasankar, vice president of global channels and business development at MongoDB. The former SAP exec is busy spreading MongoDB seeds far and wide.

The MongoDB Connector for Hadoop that is certified for the MapR Distribution is available now in the MapR App Gallery.

You can get a self-guided tour of MongoDB here. You can try MapR here.

Tableau’s Playful Viz

Yes, Tableau’s playful visualizations yield big bucks, but you can get your own w/out spending a dime.

It’s hard not to have fun with Tableau, especially when you’re struggling to figure out what stores lie hidden in your data. (Almost) all it takes with Tableau is a drag and a drop, a point and a click and, voila, you’ve got your viz.

If you don’t like the perspective, you can literally change it in a few seconds.

Sound too good to be true? The market doesn’t think so. Tableau reeled in an impressive 104.5 million last quarter, up 71 percent from last year.

If you’re curious what all the fuss is about, build your own viz and see for yourself on tableau public for free.

Platfora Thinks You Should Know Everything

Platfora, the big data analytics company that mines the whole iceberg (rather than just the tip), extended its analysis tools to the Internet of Things. When Platfora says “everything," they mean it, literally.

They’ve put out an e-book, There’s Something You Should Know, Everything. It’s free.

Don’t Know Docker?

Then it's time to get with the container.

If you’re going to build application on the 3rd platform, you’re going to want to know what Docker is. In non-geek speak, it’s an open platform for distributed applications that makes the lives of developers and sysadmins a lot more pleasurable and easier. It takes away the non-value adding drudgery of your job.

The best way to learn more about it is via a 10-minute interactive tutorial, it's free.

Go have a good time!