Scott Clark

scott clark

Columbus, Ohio


Digital Experience


Scott Clark is a Columbus, Ohio-based journalist, and writes about topics including customer experience, employee experience, artificial intelligence, social media marketing, voice of customer, diversity & inclusion, Web 2, Metaverse, augmented & virtual reality, and more.

Prior to writing for CMSWire and Reworked, Scott was Technical Editor of Web Developer magazine, and later worked for covering Web 1.0 technologies. With over 20 years covering Information Technology, and 27 years as a web developer, Scott brings a unique perspective to his articles. A strong advocate of DEI and Corporate Social Responsibility, Scott is able to bring together statistics, facts, and insights from some of the leading thought leaders in their respective industries to provide thought-provoking, informative articles that both educate and entertain the reader.   

When he's not writing, Scott is an active hiker, weather permitted, and enjoys spending time in nature's cathedral. As a self-described technogeek, Scott enjoys EDM and jam band music while creating terrariums — a bit of nature in his home.

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