Rachel Lane

Rachel Lane

San Francisco


Customer Experience


Rachel specializes in leading Medallia customers along the path of digital customer experience (CX) best practice and innovation, taking time to understand their business objectives and helping them to align a voice of customer feedback program to drive critical success in those objectives. Rachel is a CX storyteller, showing practitioners just how the most successful brands at Medallia have driven massive gains with powerful CX programs and continue to improve their entire operation from digital insights. Rachel looks way beyond the initial digital implementation to show how to reiterate the program to show continuous and long-term benefits across the organization and helping them roadmap to their vision for CX maturity. Rachel has worked for the last 12 years on large scale omni-channel CX programs across major banks, telco, retail and financial services organizations. Prior to this Rachel was in retail operations for 10 years bringing large US and Asian based retailers across to EMEA and growing the footprint of existing brands.

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