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Michael Starostin, Chief Technology Officer and a founder of PlexHosted, has held engineering and strategy positions in the broad range of the internet infrastructure solutions industry since 2008. PlexHosted, founded in 2010, is a cloud based hosting company that specializes in managed SharePoint site deployments and associated infrastructure applications. Michael is the driving force behind the company's cloud based architecture strategy that serves as the building blocks for hosting customer applications. In addition he oversees the company's engineering and sales support teams, the corner-stone of PlexHosted's superior customer satisfaction. Prior to founding PlexHosted, Mr. Starostin was an engineering manager at PortaOne, a leading provider of Voice over IP solutions. At PortaOne Michael was a mentor and trainer of junior team members as well as a quality assurance engineer. In 2008 Mr. Starostin received a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Chernihiv State Technological University in the Ukraine.

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