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Len Rosen is President of Len Rosen Marketing Inc., a consulting firm focused new business startups in the technology space. He has over 39 years of business and technical experience in sales, marketing and product development. He is a published author of numerous articles, and active blogger on a number of subject areas.

Len graduated from University of Toronto in 1973 with a Bachelor Degree in Islamic Studies and Medieval History. He gained his foundation in business development while working for the publisher, Prentice-Hall. A proponent of Phil Kotler, Len built a consulting practice starting in 1989 focused on developing and executing business and marketing plans for start ups and companies entering into new market. Many of these organizations have been Internet start ups.

Over the past two decades Len has gained insights into the Worldwide Web from its Arpanet roots to today’s ubiquitous network. He writes about web security, web etiquette, and social media usage. He writes two blogs, one focused on small business web usage to develop brand recognition and generate revenue, and the other dedicated to the future, looking at technology's evolution and its impact on humanity and the planet.

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