Howie Hahn

Howie Hahn

Madison, Wisconsin


Digital Experience, Customer Experience


As senior sales engineer at Madison, Wisc.-based Esker, Howie Hahn focuses on SAP accounts payable and order processing automation demos and discussions. His focus is always on the customers, their pains and possible solutions. He started out at Esker in technical support but found himself working in pre-sales from within technical support. He shortly moved full time into a technical pre-sales engineer role, where he now also manages the department. Howie's motivation every day is being able to come to help companies automate their business processes to help reduce days sales outstanding and increase their customer and employee satisfaction levels. He recently attended Cornell Universities Change Management certification classes, where he learned the importance of managing change within the companies that he helps to automate and streamline their business processes. "Many people think I work in the software business, but I think I work in the people business, helping them and the companies they work for become successful on a day to day basis," he said.

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