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cristian salanti

Bucharest, Romania


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Cristian Salanti is a Digital Employee Experience architect at He has been working with and developing intranets for over 20 years. He is an advocate of taking a more practical, managerial approach to digital workplace design.

Cristi is on a mission to teach the world a better way to implement intranets and digital workplaces. Zenify is a DW design framework that improves the execution of any relevant task within an enterprise. The core idea behind it is that each employee task is someone else’s internal service.
Zenify has 2 pillars:
1. Intranet/DW design should have as a backbone the internal services provided to the employees.
2. The delivery of each internal service can be improved by using a simple why/how/what model.
This approach helps companies implement a much better Intranet a lot faster than using the traditional design method.

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