Editorial Calendar

Here's a look at CMSWire's upcoming Editorial Calendar — please note that we will have dual editorial focuses throughout the year. We reserve the right to be a bit flexible with our themes. With that said, the following is a good guide for where we are headed in the coming months.

We accept vendor-neutral bylines in support of these focuses. If you're interested in contributing an article, review our submission guidelines and drop us a line — please do not send product pitches. 

2022 Calendar

Month Theme 1 Theme 2
Jan Customer Experience and Marketing Priorities for 2022 Is the Hybrid Workplace a Half-Measure? Taking the Workplace to Its Next Evolution
Feb The Next Generation of Customer Service and Support: AI, Analytics and Personalization Low Code and the Creator Economy: How to Engage and Multiply Your Citizen Engineers
Mar New Content Models for Our Visual, Spoken World The State of Digital Workplace 2022: Challenges, Successes and Opportunities
Apr The Composable Digital Experience Stack: Hopes, Promises and Realities Are We Collaborating Too Much? Finding the Right Balance
May The Customer Data Conundrum: How CX Leaders Are Delivering on Customer Data Privacy and Great Personalization What's Next for Employee Experience: New Platforms, New Paradigms
Jun The Connected Customer: How IoT, Automotive and TV are Changing Digital CX Modeling the Workplace: The Role and Future of AI
Jul Personas, Analytics and Predictions: Unlocking What Motivates Your Customers Great CX+ EX: The Formula for a Customer-Obsessed Culture
Aug New Tech, Legacy Tech and More on the Way: Taming the Martech Chaos Powering Real-Time Customer Experience Through Conversational AI, Analytics and Good Data
Sep The Intersection of Low Code/No Code and Customer Experience Design Customer Service and Support Innovation: AI, Analytics, Machine Learning and Next-Level CX Insights
Oct The State of Digital Customer Experience: Where We're at and Where We're Headed Voice of the Customer Programs: In a Changing World, Your Customer Has the Answers You Need
Nov Integrating Digital and Physical Customer Experiences for a Hybrid Marketplace Creating New Customer Data Strategies for a Marketplace in Flux
Dec Marketing and CX Disruption in 2023: Tech and Strategy Innovations on the Horizon The Psychology and Science Behind Modern Customer Experience