CMSWire Editorial Calendar

CMSWire's Editorial Calendar provides our community with a view into our editorial priorities for the year. Note that each month has two focus areas, and while we strive for perfect advanced planning, we reserve the right to recalibrate as life on earth evolves.

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2022 Editorial Calendar

Month Theme 1 Theme 2
Jul Personas, Analytics and Predictions: Unlocking What Motivates Your Customers Great CX+ EX: The Formula for a Customer-Obsessed Culture
Aug New Tech, Legacy Tech and More on the Way: Taming the Martech Chaos Powering Real-Time Customer Experience Through Conversational AI, Analytics and Good Data
Sep The Intersection of Low Code/No Code and Customer Experience Design Customer Service and Support Innovation: AI, Analytics, Machine Learning and Next-Level CX Insights
Oct The State of Digital Customer Experience: Where We're at and Where We're Headed Voice of the Customer Programs: In a Changing World, Your Customer Has the Answers You Need
Nov Integrating Digital and Physical Customer Experiences for a Hybrid Marketplace Creating New Customer Data Strategies for a Marketplace in Flux
Dec Marketing and CX Disruption in 2023: Tech and Strategy Innovations on the Horizon The Psychology and Science Behind Modern Customer Experience

2023 Editorial Calendar

Month Theme 1 Theme 2
Jan Top CMO Challenges & Opportunities in 2023 Customer Experience Leadership: Fixing the Persistent Silo Problem
Feb The Composable DX Dream: Benefits, Challenges & Best Practices Measuring Customer Experience Success: Metrics That Matter in 2023
Mar CDPs, DMPs, MAPs: Modern Customer Data & Orchestration Architectures High Performing Call Centers: Intelligent Agents, Smart Platforms, Integrated VoC
Apr Enterprise Web Operations: How the Best Get it Done How AI/ML is Transforming Ecommerce Experiences
May The Cookieless Future: Data Strategies for Personalization, Privacy & Compliance Delivering World Class Customer Service: Leadership, Platforms, Culture
Jun The Internet of Everything: How Smart Tech is Changing Customer Demands Augmented Customer Experiences - Top 2023 Use Cases